If you want to "go green" and save money, then considering solar energy might be a good option for you. Solar power allows people to reduce their monthly electricity bills, while also utilizing the Australian rebate program to make solar system installation more affordable and beneficial. At first, knowing where to begin in order to buy a solar energy system can be intimidating. To help with the procedure, you can hire a professional installer, but there are some aspects you should personally take into consideration before beginning.

The first factor is cost. This is obviously an important factor for many people, but it might not be relevant in the way you think it should. When investing in a solar energy system, it is actually more beneficial to buy a system that may be on the costly side (as long as it has the quality to back up the price). The reason for this is that you "get what you pay for", and as solar energy systems tend to last for more than twenty years, you will be making a good investment.

The second aspect to consider is a solar energy system's warranty. To back up the previously mentioned twenty year reliability factor, a solar power installer should have a warranty to confirm this. The photovoltaic panels in a solar system degrade at 0.5% to 1% a year, but this should still result in plenty of time for you to enjoy your green energy. Also make sure that your warranty is actually backed by a company in Australia - in certain instances another country may back the warranty, requiring you to pay high postage fees for them to repair your equipment should anything run amiss.

Craftsmanship also is an significant but usually overlooked aspect. Well-crafted solar systems can be quite attractive. Your contractor must be able to inform you of what kind of mounting system they use, as well as if they allow air to flow underneath the panels or not. Unprotected cables need to be taken note of; they are less able to withstand the temperature of the sunshine than the panels are, and therefore all external wires have to be in a UV guarded conduit. You can even look for testimonials from other clientele and check to see if an installer will show you some of their recent work. A top quality solar powered energy system needs to be uncomplicated but productive.

The last thing you ought to notice is simply how well you get along with your service provider. Are they prepared to reply to your queries and are they readily accessible to assist you? Confirm they are approved by the "Clean Energy Council", because this is vital. All installers need to have this certification in order for the government to pay out its discounts to you. Should you pay attention to the details, you're definitely halfway to buying a wonderful renewable energy system, but make sure your installer is willing to meet you in the middle and support you along the journey.

For those of you who reside in Australia and you're thinking about trying solar energy, stop by this site to obtain three no-cost estimates about how you can get started with a solar system for your household's power requirements.