Thanks to the industrial revolution, men were able to develop advanced technology and produced appliances and other modern luxuries possible. At present, no one would ever want to go back to the times when electricity was not yet available. Electricity makes our day-to-day lives easy. We might not just start visualizing what it would be like without computers, microwaves, television, refrigerator, and every other appliance that everyone is taking pleasure in right now. Reality would tell us that if there would be a power outage even for just a few minutes or for a few hours, life at home would be intolerable.

Does it mean then that people should be living near power grids in order for them to experience sufficient electricity? Or perhaps there is a way to keep on living off the grid, but at the same time have a great power source? In this country, individuals were able to live off the grid for centuries, yet they were able to find solutions to provide power for their homes by making use of generators, and now by utilizing solar and wind energy.

Because of the high cost of fossil fuels, and the harm they create on the environment, governments are motivating people to opt for a cleaner source of energy. They are also putting a lot of time and resources on research and development on renewable sources of energy. One of the ways that has been developed is to harness the sun's energy to supply our needs. With the availability of solar power, and solar panels producing solar electricity, everybody could enjoy clean energy and also make it possible to live off the grid without the need to give up the modern conveniences in daily life.

From the time that solar energy emerged during the 50’s, it has really come a long way. With newer technologies being developed in making solar panels, not only has their cost dropped gradually, but their efficiency has also been increasing steadily. Of all the solar systems that have been sold in this country, about 70% of them are being used by people who live off the grid. This signifies that the electricity requirements of those off the grid are all met without the need to use conventional sources of energy.

Today is the perfect time for those dwelling in the cities and in small towns to learn from the experiences of those who reside off the grid, wherein they have figured out that solar energy is a clean energy source that provides electricity to our homes without harming the environment in the process.

Yes, installing solar panel systems would be initially costly, however, the amount that you save on your bills every month would offset your initial investment. Soon, you would be able to enjoy free electricity. In addition, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing your part for the environment, making it cleaner for this generation and all the generations to come.

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